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Helpful Steps in Collecting
Your Tax Information

Download Individual Income Tax Organizer
Industry Specific Worksheets
Non-Cash Contribution Guide

STEP 1:   Collect your personal data and FILL out pages 1 & 2. If you are a new client, we need the 3 prior year's tax returns.   We will review your returns for any missed deductions or any carryover amounts. We may be able to amend and save you some tax dollars.

  • The 1st page contains all of the pertinent information about you and your family. If you are a new client please fill out completely. If you are a returning client, please fill in any changes from last year. Please add your email address.  
  • Page 2 contains questions that we are asking ALL of our clients to answer. These may trigger additional deductions that you may not have been eligible to take in prior years.

STEP 2:   Collect your Income information.
We require all of the originals or copies of the originals listed below as these forms contain important information and ID #'s that are needed in the preparation of the return. Since the forms are provided you do not need to fill in the amounts on the organizer.  

  • W2
  • W2G (Gambling income)
  • 1099-R (Retirement Benefits)
  • 1099-DIV (dividends)
  • 1099-INT (interest)
  • 1099-G (Unemployment Compensation)
  • 1099-MISC
  • 1099-RRB (Railroad Retirement Benefits)
  • 1099-SSA (Social Security Benefits)
  • 1099-B (Proceeds from Broker or Barter transactions) if the 1099-B does not contain purchase information, you may need to contact your Broker for the cost/basis and date of purchase of the stocks
  • Schedule K-1
  • Closing or Settlement Statement (Real Estate Sold or Purchased)
  • 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement
  • Property Tax Statements for 2007 and 2008
  • Last paycheck stub from 2007
  • Student Loan Interest Statements
  • 1098-T (Tuition)
  • Child Care Provider Information
  • Bankruptcy or Divorce papers
  • IRA Year End Statements
  • Records of Estimated Taxes Paid
  • Adoption Costs
  • Sales Tax Paid on large purchases for 2007 (Boats, RV’s, Vehicles)

STEP 3:   Collect your Personal Deductions.
The Itemized Deductions Worksheet is a guide to help you gather your itemized deductions. We require the 1098 Mortgage Interest statement, as ID #'s are needed in the preparation of your return, Property Tax Statements, which can be obtained online in most counties, Student Loan interest statements, and 1098-T Tuition statements.

If you are an employee and receive a W2, please fill in the Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions section if you incur expenses during the year and are not reimbursed. Please use the Business Expenses Worksheet for the Vehicle expenses, the Travel expenses and expenses related to the Business Use of your Home, if these are applicable to you as an employee.  

STEP 4:   Collect your Business Information.
If you own your own business, you have several options: QuickBooks and Quicken users can provide a backup of the file, provide an excel spreadsheet, or provide a printout of the income and expenses you have compiled. If you would like us to compile your income and expense information, we will need all of the bank statements and the check register. The Sole Proprietor Worksheet is an excellent guide for items and questions that need to be addressed when completing the Business portion of your return. You do not need to copy your data to the worksheet, if you are providing backup files, excel spreadsheets or your printouts.  

Please use the Auto Expenses Worksheet for the vehicle expenses, the travel expenses and expenses related to the business use of your home (Home Office worksheet).  

If you have rental property, use the Rental Worksheet to help gather all of the necessary deductions.

STEP 5:   Collect other pertinent information.
Other items required if applicable are:

  • Child Care Provider information
  • Bankruptcy or divorce papers
  • IRA year end statements
  • Records of estimated taxes paid
  • Adoption costs
  • Sales Tax Paid on large purchases (boats, R.V.'s, vehicles)

Step 6: Fax, Email, Drop Off or Mail Your Information:
Fax:        651.762.1041
Email:      taxes@jordahladvisorygroup.com
Drop off:  2710 South Shore Blvd, White Bear Lake
Mail:        2710 South Shore Blvd, White Bear Lake MN, 55110

We strongly urge you to provide us with your tax information as soon as possible. If we do not receive your tax information by April 1st, we cannot guarantee completion of your returns by the April deadline. You will then need to file an extension.



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